Quality Web Design

A Montreal Web Design Company

Let’s take a moment to talk about design. It’s something that many web design firms won’t actually do, sure they’ll tell you that they’ve made tons of sites – but is that in itself a good thing? The design philosophy at Elementfortytwo is simple. We start with design and end with design. Every step of the process is measured and considered. As designers, our goal is communication. We try to communicate your ideas in the clearest way possible, so that as many people as possible understand you.

We offer the following services to all our clients:

  • Great design sense with a passion for usability
  • Cross browser support
  • Design that puts your message first
  • Modern effects without resorting to flash
  • Bilingual sites for our Montreal based clients

We recommend taking a quick look at our portfolio to see if our designs interest you. We hand-code and design every site from scratch so that your assured a beautiful and custom tailored site.

Content Management Systems

Updating your site is not something that you need to pay for. Instead, we can build your site on a content management system (CMS). Essentially, using a CMS makes updating your sites content as easy as writing an email. It can also track things like stats, incoming links, and page popularity, giving you a better understanding of who you’re writing for. Our preferred CMS is wordpress. It’s easy to use, has a huge degree of flexibility, and is powering some of the most popular sites on the internet. We recommend a CMS for almost every client because it adds so much longevity to your site.

We look forward to hearing about your project. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about your web site.